A Quick And Easy Guide On How To Fix A Warped Wood Countertop

Is your kitchen countertop starting to bend out of place?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to seal a wooden countertop from water, moisture can still manage to seep into it. And once that happens, all bets are off as to how much damage can do to that once level surface.

But, does that mean you have no choice but to have your kitchen countertop reinstalled?

Not at all. In fact, there are a few things you can do yourself to level out a warped countertop — without having to spend a single penny.

So, below in this post, you’ll learn what causes wood to warp in the first place. You will also discover what you need to do to fix a warped wooden countertop.

how to fix warped wood countertop

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What Causes Wood Warping In The First Place?

Well, warping is a result of moisture and heat. As wood absorbs moisture, wood expands. And as it dries out, wood shrinks back down.

This shifting movement is the cause of warping and wood twisting out of place.

Now, there are some types of wood that are stable enough to not shift around like this. These ‘warp-resistant’ wood types are unaffected by changes in humidity or a splash of water.

However, if your kitchen countertop isn’t made from a stable wood type, (and isn’t properly sealed), then warping can become an issue.

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Do Wooden Worktops Always Warp?

Only if they aren’t properly waterproofed. It’s the intake of water and/or vapor, (such as humidity and splash-back), that is the big problem.

If you can do something to prevent water from ever soaking into wood in the first place, then warping won’t become an issue.

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Does Kitchen Heat Make Wood Countertop Warp As Well?

It certainly can. An extremely overheated kitchen can cause wood to expand as well.

When material such as wood expands like this due to heat, it is called ‘Thermal Expansion’.

So What Can You Do To Fix Warping Wood?

You need to place wood under the same conditions that created warping in the first place. And then simply press that wood back into place.

In other words, you need to apply moisture and heat to wood, as you flatten it out.

Step 1: Moisten A Couple Of Large Kitchen Towels

You will need to cover the warped area of the countertop with these moistened towels.

The water will make the wood fibers of the countertop more pliable, and easier to straighten out.

Step 2: Increase the Localized Heat

Place a heat lamp nearby, and point the heat directly towards the warped area of the countertop.

Alternatively, you can turn the oven on to help increase the overall heat in the kitchen.

Step 3: Place A Large Weight Over The Warped Area

The weight will press down on that cupped warped section. The combination of moisture, heat, and the pressure of the weight, will even out the wood.

Now, you should leave that weight on top for anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. However, keep checking the evenness of the warped section every 30 minutes. You might also need to re-moisten/reapply the kitchen towels every hour too.

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To Wrap Up, Here Are The 3 Key Takeaways From This Post…

  • 1). Wood warping is caused by a cycle of moisture and heat. As moisture is absorbed, the wood expands. And then heat evaporates moisture, causing wood to shrink.
  • 2). To fix wood warping, you will need to apply moisture and heat to it, to make the wood more pliable.
  • 3). Once wood is pliable, a weight placed on top of warped wood will counteract the warping.