7 Incredibly Easy DIY Fall Wooden Decorations & Signs

Traditionally, we hoist up Fall displays as soon as August ends. Which is right about when those tree leaves start to change into burnished reds, and the weather starts to cool.

So lets take a look at 7 of the best DIY displays that celebrate the most awesome time of year!

fall wooden signs

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1 DIY Fall Porch Wood Sign

By Daily DIYer

A couple of these on either side of your front door will add a touch of fall aesthetic to your home.

Moreover, these super simple faux-pallet wood signs are quick and easy to make (no matter what your budget might be).

2 Fifteen Dollar Fall Decor

By Ashleigh Lauren

Get some more decor for your door in the fall.

These hardwood pine accessories are surprisingly durable, (provided you properly seal the wood beforehand). So they will last a good long while, even when exposed to the elements.

How Do I Decorate My Front Porch In The Fall? Anything that inspires the feel and color of harvest, is what you are aiming for with your display. So pumpkins, sunflowers, and even the odd home-spun scarecrow, can help turn an otherwise bare front porch into something invitingly charming.

3 Rustic Wooden Pumpkins

By Kristin Kay

This is another fantastic yet affordable idea for decorating your porch all throughout these autumnal months. Altogether it costs less than $5 to make these twine-twirling decorations.

Plus, doesn’t every fall porch display need a tiny little pumpkin patch for good measure?

4 Fall Craft Fair Style Signs

By Christy Cain

You don’t need to go to the local craft fair this year to feel that creative atmosphere. Add a bit of that artisan feel to your fall decor with these Luan plywood signs.

What is luan? Also known as lauan plywood, this hardwood manufactured lumber is made from a tropical timber called Meranti from the Shorea species. You can get Luan plywood from most good lumber supply stores.

5 Fall Sign for Beginners

By The Magnolia Housewife

Put your Cricut to good use by making this stunning rope framed display. Both the rope and small pumpkins can be purchased from the Dollar Tree.

What is a Cricut? These cutting machines allow you to cut incredibly intricate designs into all manner of hobby craft materials, such as wood, paper, and leather. However, they won’t hold up against more durable wood types (such as Pine or Plywood). So its best you use your Cricut on thin woods such as Balsa wood.

6 Round Door Hanger

By Unicorn Dust Designs

Swap out the typical fall wreath for a fall round instead.

Even absolute beginners will find this craft idea a cinch, as this tutorial will guide you in turning wood board into something amazing.

You could make your own wood rounds, or you can save time by simply purchasing them online for a few bucks. The choice is up to you…

Check the latest prices for Wood Rounds on HomeDepot.com

7 Wood Fall Wreath

By My Bashful Life

Hanging up a wreath is a traditional way to symbolize growth, evergreen nature, and the unending circle of life. Its a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

So, this year, why not continue to take part in this long-standing custom… but with a bit of a twist!

Using wood slices to make this unusual (yet stunningly creative) door wreath is just brilliant!

You can make your own wood slices (also known as wood cookies) right at home. The key to a good wood cookie? Drying them out enough so that you can stain/seal/paint them properly. Click here to learn more about ‘Drying Wood Slices With Denatured Alcohol (What You Should Know)’.