Is There A Safe Glue You Can Use For A Bird Bath?

When it comes to bird baths, wood glues need to be two things; they need to be bird safe and waterproof.

Now, most popular wood glues are fairly water-resistant. Yet, surprisingly, rather few of these glues are 100% waterproof.

So, in this post, you will discover the best type of sealant for a birdbath. You will also learn why hot glue should not be used on that wooden watering-hole.

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How Do You Seal A Leaky Bird Bath?

You will need to fix and seal any cracks using a sealant or glue.

If it is a very fine crack, then wood glue will be good enough. But, if you are dealing with more obvious gaps, you’re better off using a sealant.

And you should give that sealant/glue time to dry and harden, well before that bath gets used.

And What Type Of Glue Is Safe Around Birds?

You should only use glues that are deemed ‘food safe’. A food-safe wood glue only contains ingredients deemed as food-safe by the FDA.

You can check out the full list of FDA food-safe resins and coatings over on their website here.

And What Do You Mean By ‘Food-Safe’?

A food-safe wood glue can be used in kitchen settings.

You see, a lot of wood finishes, glues, and other solvents contain inedible chemicals. And while they are still drying, they can release fumes.

Or, worse, they can leach oils and chemicals from off their surface.

However, a food-safe glue is one that no longer releases toxic fumes, (or leach chemical substances), after it’s completely dried and solidified.

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But Why Does That Food-Safe Label Matter?

Well, first off, a food-safe wood glue or sealant doesn’t run the high risk of contaminating food/water.

Also, wood sealants/glues can release VOC’s (Volatile Organic compounds) into the air while they’re drying.

VOC’s are the smelly fumes that linger on the air after a fresh application of wood sealants, finishes, glues, or paints. And VOC’s are very dangerous to birds.

Which is why, for example, you should only use VOC-free paints to coat say a birdhouse.

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But, after a food-safe glue has wholly dried, it no longer releases significant amounts of fumes into the air.

OK. And Is Hot Glue Suitable For A Birdbath?

Well, hot glue is non-toxic once it has finished drying. And, after it’s solidified, it will do a fairly good job at sealing fine cracks.

But, this thermoplastic glue is only moisture resistant. If it were to be used to seal a water-drenched surface, (such as a wooden birdbath), hot glue can start to lose it’s adhesion.

And once that happens, that leak will reappear.

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Got It…So What Kind Of Glue Can I Use For A Bird Bath?

You need a food-safe sealant that won’t fall apart if it is permanently submerged in water. That’s why you should use an aquarium silicone sealant, such as Bond-Its Premium Silicone Sealant.

This sealant is specifically created for fish-tanks. However, it can be used to fix that water-filled bird bath as well.

In fact, this glue’s so strong, that it not only binds wood, it can even bind smooth plastic surfaces and stone — which is something hot glues can’t do.

But most importantly, this glue is incredibly waterproof. It has been designed for permanent water submersion. And this is the reason why it is often also referred to as a ‘marine adhesive’.

Plus, it’s even resistant to UV damage. So it can be used on outdoor bird baths without succumbing to weathering.

You can find out more about Bond-It’s Silicone Sealant by popping on over to their website.

To Wrap Up, Here Are The 3 Key Takeaways From This Post…

  • 1). You should use a waterproof sealant to fill in cracks and gaps in a leaking birdbath.
  • 2). Hot glue is not suitable for fixing a birdbath, because it is not a 100% waterproof glue.
  • 3). Ideally, you should use an aquarium silicone sealant to safely seal up a cracked birdbath.