Can You Really Use Decking Stain On Garden Furniture?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spruce up garden furniture with a single stroke of a brush.

Even better, maybe even give that outdoor table a weather-resistant finish (along with a coat of color). And, to round off this best case scenario, that finish would rarely need to be reapplied.

That’d be ideal, right?

Now, if you want to spruce up your backyard, one of the easiest ways to do it is to apply deck stain to weathered looking decking. That’s because a few coats of this hardwearing finish will work wonders on any exterior hardwood.

But, can the same be said for applying deck stain to garden furniture too?

Well, in this post, you’re going to find out why deck stain might not be the safest way to protect your garden set. You will also learn why applying the right kind of wood stain is key if you want to safeguard garden furniture from weathering.

And keep reading to discover one of the best outdoor furniture stain products on the market…

can you use decking stain on garden furniture

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What Is The Best Protection For Wooden Furniture?

The best way to protect wooden furniture, (from those harsh outdoor elements), is with a waterproof finish.

A tinted sealer, (with added UV-inhibitors), will safeguard wood from rot and decay. And it will also prevent wood from the weathering effects of all that direct sunlight.

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And Why Does Garden Furniture Need UV Protection Anyway?

Well, it all comes down to a little thing called oxidization.

The suns ultraviolet rays are very intense. They are so intense that they can literally break apart the chemical bonds of organic compounds.

Now, without any UV protection, your garden furniture will bear the full brunt of that UV exposure. And as woods organic compounds change, the wood itself can begin to change color.

For example, Cedar wood and Teak wood garden furniture can turn an ashen-gray color over time, without UV-inhibitors coating them.

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And Can You Use Wood Stain On Garden Furniture To Protect It?

Yes, but that’s provided you use wood stain specially designed for the outdoors.

Exterior wood stain will contain waterproofing additives and UV inhibitors to it. What’s more, the best exterior wood stains will also be mold and mildew resistant too.

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So, What Kind Of Stain Do You Use On Outdoor Wood Furniture?

Ideally, use a garden furniture wood stain product.

Which is why, one of the best outdoor furniture stains is Sadolin’s Garden Furniture Stain & Protector finish.

This mold-resistant wood stain adds color to timber, while also giving it all the protection it needs. Plus, this product contains fungicides, (and these work to prevent the growth of mold).

It’s fast-drying too, taking less than 2 hours to dry to the touch. So, you’ll waste little time in applying this finish.

Available in natural Teak, Oak and Cedar colors, you can find the latest prices for this wood stain over on Sadolin’s official website.

But What About Decking Stain? Can You Use Decking Stain On Outdoor Furniture?

Deck stain can stain garden furniture just as well as it can decking. And these products also contain fungicides and UV-resistant additives too.

However, decking stains in particular can contain certain fungicides that are harmful to humans.

That is because these stains were made for surfaces underfoot, not for surfaces that could end up contacting human skin, (such as when you rest your arms on that garden table top).

As a result, while deck stains are much more durable finishes, (and can penetrate wood more deeply than other stain products), it is not advisable to use it on a garden set.

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Can Ronseal Decking Stain Be Used On Garden Furniture?

Well, if you want to add color to garden furniture, you should be using Ronseals Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain.

This sun-blocking stain will safeguard furniture for up to 3 years, (so no need to keep reapplying it every season).

It can be purchased in six different colors to suit your particular pallet. And can be applied on all kinds of hardwood furniture, from Teak to Oak wood.

You can find the latest prices for Ronseals Furniture stain over on

To Wrap Up, Here Are The 3 Key Takeaways From This Post…

  • 1). If you want to protect your garden furniture, then use a waterproof wood stain with UV inhibitors in it.
  • 2). Use furniture stain instead of decking stains. Decking stains may contain fungicides that are too toxic to risk them getting in regular direct contact with human skin.
  • 3). So, instead, use garden furniture stain. These stains will protect wood from the effects of weathering just as well as any deck stain product can.


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